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All decisions in the software start with the Main screen. Items that are completed from this screen are printing the back of tickets, calculating winners, and letters to winners. The other screens are called from here, except for the Prize screen, which is called from the Update screen.

The front of the ticket is generated from this screen. Data entered on this screen are the sponsoring organization's name, sport, season and league, and an information line. Also entered here is the ticket size that will be used. This data is then saved for use by the program. Supplied by the programs' saved inputs are the rules, a list of prizes paid, cost of each ticket, and odds of winning any prize. Also, on the end of every ticket, a stub for entering the buyer's name, address, phone number, and the seller's name is provided. The stub must be perforated for easy removal by the ticket seller.

The following data is entered on the "Update Annual Data" screen: the random generator initial seed, the regular and playoff season week ending dates, the team names, and the numbers of the tickets not sold. This data is then saved for use by the program.

This is where your organization decides the amount of prize money to pay out. The screen is interactive, and various payout possibilities can be examined. Your organization determines what to pay in prize money versus the profit that will be made. This data is then saved for use by the program.

All manipulation of data files are accomplished from this screen. At the end of a season, the completed data file can be saved. A saved file can be restored to review a previous seasons payouts or as an "initial setup" for a new fundraiser. Files may also be deleted and renamed.

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Full Screen

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