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NFL 2017 Season

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Football Chance
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Latest Update Version Available:   version 1.2.1

IMPORTANT: You will not be able to download this update unless you have received an email notification that an update is available.

There is no need for an update unless the latest update version number (without the decimal points), is larger than your version number (without the decimal points).

Latest update version: 102 (1.0.2) Your version: 102 (1.0.2) Result: Update not necessary.
Latest update version: 104 (1.0.4) Your version: 102 (1.0.2) Result: Update is available.

You will need your registered Email Address and Password to download this update.

Session cookies must be enabled on your computer. These are temporary cookies that only last while you are on this web site. If session cookies are not enabled, you will have to log in more than once.

Install the software before closing this browser. If a problem occurs, you can download the update again. Once the browser is closed, you will be logged-off the download site.

The installation program is a single exe file that contains everything necessary.
DO NOT uninstall any previous version, if you want to keep the current use data file.
This is important if you are currently running a Football Chance fundraiser.

Download Update  Download Update Download Update

Version History:

Initial version 1.0.0

7-27-2006 Version 1.0.1
The update corrects a problem with printing the back of the tickets. The font size was not being reset every time at the start of the print loop, so the second and subsequent tickets were the wrong font size.

8-17-2007 Version 1.1.0
The update adds the capability of previewing the Grand Prize winners as the season progresses. At any time during the season, selecting Grand Prize from the main screen gives all ticket buyer's standing by position and ticket number.
Also fixed is a minor bug that occurred, in printing the front of tickets, when the scroll bar was not in the topmost position.
The PDF manual was updated to reflect these changes.

11-27-2007 Version 1.2.0
The update fixes an error where a "run-time error 55 - file not found" error occurred when using a number of teams other than 32. The new number of teams was not being updated in the current use data file.
A new type of command button (jeweled button) was added.
The "close button" [X] on every screen is now enabled.
The PDF manual was updated to reflect these changes.

11-28-2007 Version 1.2.1
The displayed ticket front has been changed to be identical for all screen resolutions.

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