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From:     Sent: Wed Sep 27 15:16

To:      Priority: Normal

Subject: Technical_Support


We are very pleased with the program so far.
Ticket sales were about 75% of total, but even with that we will have nice return for the Club.
If we run it again next year (which I assume we will do) we plan to get them printed and available sooner.

Question was asked by one of the members -
Can we get a status report during the season as to the total points to date by ticket?

Thanks again

Bill Matthews
Schaumburg (IL) AM Rotary

From:      Sent: Mon Jan 29 19:43

To:          Priority: Normal

Subject: Sales_Support

Just a quick note to thank you for the program.

Our club sold tickets at $20 each and although we only sold about 75%, we netted over $5000.
It will go to organizations selected by our Donations committee this spring.

One of the easiest fund raisers we have done.

Bill Matthews
Schaumburg (IL) AM Rotary

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