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Football Chance
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Looking for an easy fundraising idea?

This unique sports-based fundraiser is great for any organization or group.

Welcome to the Football Chance Fundraiser Software

Football Chance provides the complete software for a unique fundraising idea where the outcome, of sports results, is used to decide winners. It is an easy fundraising idea to initiate. It also requires fewer volunteer hours to plan and conduct than any other event or sports fundraiser. The software does the setup work and all calculations.

Since each ticket has two teams, for a given week, that are randomly assigned, this fundraising idea is best described as a sports-based raffle. However, this "raffle" has the added thrill of the buyer being able to root for a team's outcome, if a certain outcome will enhance the chance of winning.

Football Chance is an easy fundraising idea that works! This fundraising idea has been in use for twenty-five years, by a Vermont Rotary club, and has been a tremendous success. The preliminary version of the Rotary Club fundraising software was written in 1999 to simplify the existing cumbersome method.

The software is most commonly used with football. Within that sport, the most common use is with pro football. However, the software can be used with any sport or tournament. It is easily used with Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, and any other sport that has a set season or tournament schedule.

If the sports' season starts at a time that is inconvenient, then a few weeks can be skipped at the start of the season. An example would be the NFLŪ football season that usually starts the weekend after Labor Day. The last ten or twelve weeks of the season could be used as the Football Chance regular season. Similarly, if the sport's season ends at a time that is inconvenient, then a few weeks can be skipped at the end of the regular season. The season is defined by the week ending dates used in the software and displayed on the tickets.

This fundraising idea works so well because of the high profit margins. Total annual cost of doing this fundraiser is less than 2% of total income. Costs are a one-time cost for the software, and an annual cost of $10 to $80, depending on how the printing of the front of the tickets is carried out. While at it, get the ticket printing donated as well!

A Football Chance fundraiser is a great fundraising idea for any size organization, whether it be a booster club fundraiser, charity fundraiser, school fundraiser, college fundraiser, or non-profit fundraiser. Your costs are next to nothing (almost free), and the proceeds are limited only by the number of tickets sold.

Success is not dependent upon advertising. The advertising is done one-on-one as people sell tickets. This is a great fundraising idea for any size group - from just ten people to hundreds. For a pro football fundraiser, a group of fifty people is ideal, since each person would have to sell only ten tickets each.

Use the simple and interactive "Prize Structure" page in the software to decide how much will be made, and what the prize money pay out will be. For each "set" (496 for pro football at $20 each) of tickets sold, 50% of prize money can be paid back, and your organization will still make $5000. If your organization only wants to pay back 17% (as others do) then your profit will be $8200 per set of tickets.

Replacement tickets are available to replace lost and damaged tickets. Just use some extra ticket stock or ticket fronts, and print replacement tickets using the software.

Steps involved in running a Football Chance fundraiser:

  1. Determine the Prize Structure, using the software.
    • Enter number of teams on Annual Data page.
    • Enter number of regular season weeks on Annual Data page.
    • Enter number of playoff weeks - if used - on Annual Data page.
    • Interactively determine your Prize Structure.

  2. Enter the Annual Data variables into the software.
    • Random generator seed - if used.
    • Regular season week ending dates.
    • Playoff season week ending dates - if used.
    • Team names.
    • Tickets not sold - if used.
    • Ticket price.

  3. Print front of tickets, using the software.
    • Enter name of organization.
    • Enter type of sport.
    • Enter year and league.
    • Enter information line - if used.
    • Select ticket size from five available sizes.
    • Print tickets or print Master Sheet for outside print shop.
    • Perforate tickets.

  4. Print back of tickets, using the software.

  5. Distribute tickets to sellers.

  6. Collect money and stubs.

  7. Calculate winners, using the software.

  8. Pay winners.

  9. Spend profits on your organization's favorite charity or your needs.

This is the best fundraising idea or product for your next band, club, charity, school, high school, college, university, non-profit, sports team, Rotary Club, Elks Club, Lions Club, police association, fire association, volunteer fire department, or any other organizations' fundraiser!

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