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   Fundraiser Features

  1. Easy to set up
  2. Requires fewer volunteer hours than any other fundraiser
  3. High profit margin
  4. No large up front costs - almost free
  5. No inventory or product to stockpile, such as candles, candy, etc.
  6. Enjoyable for ticket buyers
    • Sports-based
    • Win money
    • Buy one ticket and win prizes every week over the ticket's given season
  7. Replacement tickets quickly available
  8. Success is not dependent on advertising
   Program Features
  1. Simple and intuitive
  2. Works at any sport level
    • Professional
    • College
    • High School
    • Tournaments
    • Playoffs
  3. Works with any sport
    • Football fundraiser
    • Basketball fundraiser
    • Hockey fundraiser
    • Baseball fundraiser
    • Soccer fundraiser
  4. Interactive prize structure determination
  5. On screen help for every selectable item
  6. Prints front of ticket (all fronts are identical)
  7. Prints back of ticket (all backs are unique)
  8. Different set of teams each week
  9. Performs all calculations
  10. Hardcopy outputs:
    • Prize structure
    • Weekly winners
    • Annual Summary
    • Letters to winners
  11. Save present data and restore past data
  12. Up to 48 teams
  13. Up to 29 regular season weeks
  14. Up to 28 regular season weeks and playoff weeks

   Software Features
  1. Free lifetime updates and enhancements for registered users
  2. No copy protection scheme to deal with
    • Not locked to a single computer
    • No Cd to insert every time program is run
    • No online confirmation necessary every time program is run
    • No dongle (hardware device)
  3. Ability to create a backup CD
  4. Run on any Microsoft Windows computer
  5. Free technical support

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Then read the Fundraiser Features listed at the top of this page, and you will realize how simple and effective the Football Chance fundraiser idea is.

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