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NFL 2017 Season

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Football Chance
Demo Program


DOWNLOAD DEMO - Version: version 1.2.1


Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/VISTA
Minimum screen resolution is 800x600 (or larger)


The download file contains the following:
A. Football Chance Program - The executable software
B. User Manual - A manual in PDF format
C. Uninstall Program - Executable software to remove Football Chance from your computer
D. FC-Readme.txt - Latest summary file about the Football Chance software
E. FC-License.txt - Legal information file
F. FootballChance.txt - The current use data file containing the setup for 2007 NFL season
G. Two past data files for 20-week (17 regular weeks plus 3 playoff weeks) NFL seasons - 2005 & 2006

This is a demo version that is limited to printing the first ten tickets and calculating winners for the first two weeks. There is no time limit (days), or no maximum number of runs.

All screen functions can be exercised. For the steps involved in running a Football Chance fundraiser as shown in the "SUMMARY" Section on the home page, the demo program can be used to complete the first three steps (1, 2, 3).

File size is about 2.6 MB.


Once the demo program file (SETUP.EXE) has been downloaded, double click on the file to execute it. The setup program will guide you through the necessary steps. A convenient place to temporarily store the download is on your desktop.There is no need to save the demo program file (SETUP.EXE) since it can be downloaded again, if necessary.So after installing Football Chance, right-click on SETUP.EXE and select "Delete" to remove the downloaded executable file from your Desktop.


Two choices are available:
  1. If no problems were encountered (program works OK), then run the setup program.
    The current use data file will be retained, and data you entered will not be lost.
  2. Uninstall the program if problems were encountered, namely, Run-time error 55 - File already open.
    Click on Start > All Programs > Football Chance > Uninstall. Then run the setup program.

Download Demo  Download Demo Download Demo

The cost of the Football Chance demo software, mailed on a CD-ROM, is $6.
A 6% sales tax is applied to VT purchasers.
For payment information, email

CD-ROM front CD-ROM picture

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